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Viajar... - Miguel Mira
Autor: Miguel Mira, 12 anos (Junior 1 E)
Portugal travel guides
A short travel guide.

If you come to Portugal, you'll probably arrive in Oporto or Lisbon.
In Oporto, you can visit the "Torre dos Clérigos", D. Maria and D. José bridges and you can go on a boat and see the sights. You can also go to the "Palácio de Cristal" ("Crystal Palace") and the "Casa da Música.
In Lisbon, you can try "Pastéis de Belém", see the river docks with many bars and you can visit the "Mosteiro dos Jerónimos" and the Santa Justa tram.
Besides Oporto and Lisbon, you can also see many treasures and fantastic monuments of Portugal.

Written by: Maria Joao T. Leao Torres and Letícia Santos Costa.
Class: Junior 2 Flyers E

And another short travel guide.

You'll probably arrive in Lisbon. You can visit the "Torre de Belém". Then, you can take photos, eat "Pastéis de Belém" and see famous people.
You can go to a restaurant and to the "Oceanário" (Oceanarium). A long time ago, there were prisoners in the "Torre de Belém". It is very beautiful and big. We recommend that you go and see it!

Written by: Adriana Silva Valente, Catarina L. Teixeira Campos and Joana Gonçalves Freitas, Class: Junior 2 Flyers E.
Junior 4C
Turma do nível Junior 4
Why is Portugal so great?
Somos um país com muitas tradições e atracções para os turistas, no entanto, criticamos muito o nosso país e aquilo que ele tem de menos bom. Para contrariar um pouco esse espírito pessimista, pedidos aos nossos “Juniors 4” (alunos com 12- 13 anos) que escrevessem um pequeno texto intitulado “Why is Portugal so great?” (Porque é que Portugal é tão fantástico?).
Aqui estão alguns desses textos.
"Why is Portugal so great?" - Ines Lopes Silva
O meu nome é Ines Lopes Silva e tenho 14 anos.

Portugal is a nice, green and sunny country located in the southwest of Europe.
We have a coast with 1230 km of wonderful beaches, and this is one of the reasons why we are visited by so many tourists, that want to enjoy our warm weather.
But Portugal isn't only the coast. we have also mountains, like "Estrela" and "Marao" with amazing landscapes.
Lisbon, Oporto, Aveiro, Coimbra. are some of the most important cities in our country, known by their monuments and history.
The Portuguese gastronomy is very rich and diverse. Each zone in Portugal has its own typical dishes. The most famous dishes are: "Cozido a Portuguesa", "Bacalhau a Braz", "As espetadas da Madeira" and "Cozido vulcânico dos Açores".
We are the only country in the world that produces green wine.
But, in my opinion the best thing that we have is our people.
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