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Oxford - An Amazing Experience
Have you ever thought about how interesting and fantastic it would be if you tried a different holiday? Well, my answer is yes! Thats why I went to a Summer School in Oxford, last Summer. It was great.
First of all, I was able to practice my English all the timne, like I was a British person for just two weeks. All the things that we did were just in English for example: the lessons, games, conversations, the films we watched, etc.
I met a lot of new people from many different countries and cultures like Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Italy, Russia, etc., and we visited a lot of beautiful places. It was like we were in a game and every day you had a different but fun adventure. We felt like we were a big family!
I cant explain how cool and enjoyable it was for me! In fact, it was hard the first two days but then, it was harder to leave the school, because saying goodbye to our friends and going home after these marvellous days is more difficult than anyone can imagine, and I will never forget it!

Maria Miguel Almeida
Italy: a place to always remember (Maria)
The trip to Italy was spectacular!
The classes were excelent: we had lots of games and vocabulary. Then the food... that was fantastic! (I never thought that would be so good...) I was in the "Art Project", so I had to do my own paint based on the real paint and I had to know a little bit of the biography of the respective painter.
The hardest days were: the first because I missed my parentes; and the last one because I had to say "goodbye" to my friends: Lodovica, Barbara, Elena, Beatrice and Lara.
The director, the teachers and instructors were amazing!
I will never forget this trip! I just loved it...
I hope I can return to Italy, someday, as an instructor.

Na fotografia a ordem dos nomes das pessoas é: Lara, Lodovica, Beatrice, Eu e Elena..
It was definitely the best experience of my life (Carlos)
For two weeks this summer, I have been in a summer camp in Candriai, a village near Trento, in Italy. It was definitely the best experience of my life.
I stayed the first day in Milan, but I didn’t have time to see anything there. The second day, I went by train to Trento, were me and all the other students were going to take a bus to the summer camp. The first two days in the camp were difficult and everything was odd for me because all the other kids were Italian so they always speak Italian. Obviously, I didn’t understand anything they say so it was hard to talk to anyone and make any friends. However, I started to talk to everyone in English and getting along with everyone well. By the end of the first week, I was friend of almost everyone and I was really enjoying being in the camp.
Everyday, we had lots of activities that made our day interesting and always fun. In the morning we had breakfast and then English lessons. The lessons were not boring at all; we always made different activities and games every day, so we learned new vocabulary and review the grammar, but didn’t get bored at any point of the lesson. After lunch, we had to make our homework that was always a game or reading some chapters of a book that the teacher gave us. After homework, we had project. I choose the art project, not because I’m good in art, but because it sounded interesting and funny, and I wasn’t mistaken. Then we had sports, were we could do what we wanted, like playing football, basketball, or just sit down and talk with someone. After dinner, we had dinner activities. In the dinner activities, we made games by teams to win points, because in the end it would be a award for the team with more points. This was our typical day in the camp!
We also made four trips. We went to an aeronautical museum, a cow farm, a bee farm and to the swimming pool in Trento. These trips made this experience even better!
Despite the first days, I loved everything and in the second week the camp already felt like home and that I’ve been there forever, so it was really sad have to say goodbye to all of them when the camp finished.
Pico - Azores Written by: Andreia P. Leite
Location: In the island of Azores.

Landscape: Pico is a beautiful place with a lot of nature and without a lot of people. It is a calm place, without the confusion of shopping centres. Pico is a paradise in the Atlantic Ocean.

Things to see: There are a lot of museums about whales and agriculture on the island. You can also visit the biggest mountain in Portugal: the Pico.

Things to do: You can do many outdoor activities in Pico. You can walk along the
mountains, scuba dive and travel by boat to see the whales in the ocean.
O curso que a Windsor ofereceu a dois dos seus alunos em Itália, parece ter aberto o apetite de viajar aos seus alunos em geral.
De facto, muitos foram aqueles que aceitaram o desafio dos seus professores para escolherem uma cidade estrangeira e escrever um texto (em Inglês, claro!) sobre essa cidade.
Aqui apresentamos alguns desses textos.
Viajar... - Rodrigo Soeiro
Autor: Rodrigo Soeiro, 11 anos (Junior 1 E)
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